Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank you Midwest Living!

The latest issue of Midwest Living recognizes what we have known for a long time - this is a great place to be!

The new travel trends are apparently shorter trips closer to home; wanting to see real communities, not just tourist venues; and focusing on food. Southwest Wisconsin fits this description beautifully, and area communities are featured in the section of the article called "Surprisingly Hip Small Towns."

Eat local. Go green. Support independent businesses and artistic communities. These are all things we have been doing in the area for a long time, and the article recognizes that travel tastes are catching up with us.

Both Monroe and Monticello are mentioned in the article, along with area communities like Spring Green, Mount Horeb and Mineral Point. All of these towns are within about sixty to ninety minutes of Monroe, and I have to second Midwest Living's opinion that they are places to visit. Stay in one of our local B&B's and town hop for a few days to explore this area of wonderful arts and food yourself. Spend one or two days on your bike along the Sugar River Trail to work off some of the meals you enjoy at our surprisingly good restaurants. See for yourself why Midwest Living felt the Sugar River Trail, Earth Rider Inn, The Dining Room at 209 Main (the Monticello restaurant it references), and Monroe are worth the visit.

If you are planning a visit to the area, visit our website for an article with area resources for traveling green as well as local lodging options which include the aforementioned Earth Rider Inn along with another B&B that is a nationally recognized top 10 eco-destination.

Come visit. Enjoy the quiet of our bike trails, back roads and state parks or the flair of our concerts, plays, arts venues, and dining establishments. Cars will stop for you when you cross the downtown streets; people will smile and say hi.

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