Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Location, location, location

Everyone knows the classic realtor phrase "Location, location, location." There is a reason this phrase became cliche. When you are buying a house, pay careful attention to your location.

Where do you want to live? What lifestyle do you want? Do you want a larger lot in the country? Do you want to live close to work? Are school systems important to your family?

These are all things that are important to think about as you begin looking at homes. Consider both what features you will look for in a home as well as what location features you want.

Homes in town tend to have smaller lots than those in the country. The neighbors will be closer, and your taxes will likely be higher. You will be closer to schools and urban amenities. City services like police and fire will be closer to you, and you won't have to worry about trash pick up. If you live in the same Green County community as you work, your commute will be short or you could bike to work. This can be an important consideration if gas prices climb again.

Some people prefer country homes. There is space to spread out, put in the outbuildings to store your classic cars. You can garden or perhaps keep animals. The views can be majestic. In a rural subdivision, you will still have nearby neighbors. You may have home owners association rules and covenants. When you live in the country, pizza delivery won't be available, and your children will have to be bussed or driven to school. You may feel safer letting the kids bike on the surrounding roads, or you may worry about leaving the teens home alone in the semi-rural setting.

Urban or rural? Subdivision, downtown or a home on ten acres? Look at your lifestyle, your wants and your needs, then narrow down the location that works best for you.

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