Friday, March 13, 2009

Kidz Kloset in Monroe, WI

There is a window on the south side of Monroe's Downtown Square that often shows little hand prints and nose marks. The kids cannot help themselves; the toys and clothes in the window display at Kidz Kloset are so colorful and fun that getting closer is the natural thing to do.

Kidz Kloset has a great selection of clothing and shoes for infants and toddlers, plus a selection of wonderful pieces for preschoolers and elementary age boys and girls. Once glance, one touch will let you know these are not big box store items. Finding durable children's clothing locally is a wonderful treat for those of us who call Green County home. The heavy cotton girls tights are brightly patterened, the boy's clothing are classic pieces, and I like knowing that I can find age appropriate clothing for our elementary aged girls here.

If you need a gift for a baby in your life, Kidz Kloset is the perfect place to go. Angie offers a wonderful selection of baby and toddler items that you will not find anywhere else in the area: baptismal clothing and gifts, brightly patterned soft soled shoes, touch and feel books, taggie balls or blankets and so much more. Don't miss the adorable Bee Squeaky shoes. They squeak with every step your toddler takes. Our little one thinks they are so much fun that he dances every time he wears his!

Kidz Kloset has more to offer than just clothing. Angie has been expanding the selection of toys and games over the last few years. It is our first stop for birthday presents nowadays. There are puzzles and toys from Melissa and Doug's, crafting kits from Creativity for Kids, read and do sets from Klutz, great toys from Toysmith and more. I can walk in and find presents for infants through tweens in a matter of minutes, and Angie will wrap them for me for free. During the holidays, distract the kids at the small play area in the back. Angie or her staff will help you stash your gifts behind the counter without the kids noticing.

Kidz Kloset is the kind of store that makes Monroe such a special place to be. It has all of the fun and the quality merchandise of stores in the nearby big cities, but it is right here in Monroe, and I don't have to pay any extra for the convenience of shopping locally. I couldn't wish for anything better than that.

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