Monday, March 30, 2009

Sharpen those pencils!

The Brodhead Chamber of Commerce is working on a grant to bring a Smithsonian Exhibit, “Key Ingredients: America by Food” right here to Green County.

The Chamber Director, Lea Brookman, is writing the prosposal, and the chamber needs to public's help too. No, they are not looking for sponsors or money. All they need is some local people to write letters of support.

Only six communities in Wisconsin will have the opportunity to host this traveling exhibit, and having it here in Green County could be a potential tourism boon for Brodhead. The exhibit focuses on food, and that is certainly something we know about in this area!

The letters should focus on support for bringing the exhibition here as well as ideas for programs that local businesses, service organizations and community groups could do to complement the exhibit. Major parts of the exhibit focus on the history of food systems, farming, kitchen gadgetry, and markets. There are great opporunities for groups in the area to tie the exhibit in to our rich dairy and cheesemaking history, our family farm history, and other local specialties.

Since applications will be chosen not only on geographic distribution of the proposed sites and the physical display space but also the demonstrated local commitment and proposals for complementary programs, your letter of support and your ideas could make all the difference in bringing this Smithsonian exhibit to Brodhead.

Please write a letter and send it to Lea Brookman by April 9, 2009. If you are writing on behalf of a local organization, please consider including what your group does, how it fits with the project, what your group could contribute to the experience of the exhibit, and any proposed programs (like educational ideas, tours, whatever!).

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