Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things to Do

Yes, we are a day late with our Thing to Do this week. Sorry about that. Wednesday was a wild and crazy one around here!

~ If you missed Rainbow Fleece Farm's Cabin Fever event last weekend, you have another chance this weekend to check out the sheep and the fiber. Email Patty or call her at 608.527.5311 for more information. Rainbow Fleece Farm doesn't have a website, but you can find them at W7181 Hustad Valley Rd by New Glarus

~ Eat something different this weekend. Go out for breakfast at one of our classic diners like Corner Cafe in Monroe. Grab a new treat at New Glarus Bakery or Cafe Claudeen for an afternoon snack. Try one of the new items on Barrett's Brick Cafe's updated menu. Splugre on the warm lemon pond cake with cardamon creme anglaise at the Dining Room at 209 Main. Whatever you try, our local restaurant owners will be thrilled to see you! Shop local, eat local. It matters.

~ Bag Ladies is under new ownership. They start with a bang this weekend with an open house event in their new location, the lower level of the Monroe Medical building on the northwest corner of the Square in Monroe. Stop in for specials.

~ Coffee house night! We love these. Come over to River Valley Trading Company in Blanchardville this Friday evening. Local musicians will perform starting at 7 pm. Fiber Enthusiasts, don't forget about their Yarn Ewenited Guild meeting today.

~ Movie buffs, do you know what is playing in the area? Tooth Fairy, Cop Out and Valentine's Day are playing at The Goetz in Monroe. Lindo Theater in Freeport will have Dear John, Avatar, Edge of Darkness, From Paris with Love, When in Rome, Valentine's Day, Shutter Island, Tooth Fairy, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and The Wolfman.

~ There will be a performance by The Korean Five on Saturday evening at the Masonic Temple in Freeport. This quintet features a soprano, mezz-soprano, tenor, baritone, and piano in an opera performance. Adults $15.00, students are free.

~ Did you know that there is a remnant of an original upland prairie still by Freeport? The last remaining section of the Shannon Prairie is on the south edge of town. Learn more about it during a lecture on March 2 from 7 until 8:30 pm. Keith Blackmore, retired Highland Community College biology and ecology instructor will talk about the prairie at St John's UCC, located on Park Blvd in Freeport.

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