Monday, February 22, 2010

Sideways Shakespeare Company

We are big fans of the arts here at Cheese Country Realtors, so it is exciting to see a new project starting.

Our friend Jennifer over at Primitive Soul Art Studio in Monroe started the Shakespeare Project for youth a number of years ago. This project has grown into the non-profit group Shakespeare on the Edge, which we have mentioned often on this blog. SotE now includes not only the Shakespeare Project but also The Eclectic Rogues, a traveling youth group who do performances as well as workshops addressing modern issues through the works of Shakespeare.

Jennifer and the SotE group has a new project up their sleeves. The Sideways Shakespeare Company is starting up to encourage creativity and give an outlet to adults who think it is shame that groups like this weren't around when we were growing up.

Here is how the group describes Sideways Shakespeare Company:

“…turning the works of the Bard sideways, upside down and backwards to get to the real art of Shakespeare--the fun!”

Adults here’s your chance to experience the powerful art of Shakespeare
first hand in a group of peers. Experience the Bard, while enjoying the therapeutic value of his work, de-stress, unwind, explore characters, converse, do a little improv, and have a blast!

Registration is going on right now, and the groups should be starting this spring. The introductory rate is only $25, a true bargain. To reserve your spot, email Jennifer or give her a call at 605-325-5268.

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