Friday, February 27, 2009


When it comes time to write an offer, your realtor is going to ask what contingencies you want to put in it.

Every situation is different, and there is no such things as a standard offer. Many people do put in a financing contingency. If the buyers have a house to sell before they can close, they usually put in a home sale contingency. Most people these days put in a home inspection contingency.

The Offer to Purchase contains a home inspection contingency that allows for a qualified home inspector to look at the house for defects. There is also the word "and" followed by a blank line. This is where the buyer writes in any specific inspections they want: electrical, plumbing, radon testing, etc.

If you are buying a home in Monroe, I would encourage you to have your realtor write in a termite inspection. Long ago, there were lumber yards in Monroe, and this portion of our history has left us with termites in town.

Termites do not discriminate when it comes to age of home, location or price. A termite inspection will cost you the buyer somewhere around $100. Termite treatment is costly, and they can do serious damage to a home. A termite inspection can be money well spent when you are buying a home.

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