Friday, February 13, 2009

All about Green County

Have you seen Green County Spotlight?

If you have not been to Green County Spotlight before, click over and take a look around. This website has been a work in progress for many months now. It is a portal to all about the Green County area.

You will find guides to many local businesses as well as specialized guides for different quality of life features:
  • There is a Food and Dining Guide with information on local restaurants, food tours and culinary events, even recipes. The developers of Green County Spotlight let me know that online menus are in the works as well. If you are like me and want to preview what is available before deciding where to go, this is news worthy of rejoicing!
  • The Agricultural Guide has information for dairy farmers, cash croppers and market gardeners as well as producer information for those of us who like to buy direct from the farmer. Agricultural events are there too, from the weekly hay auctions in Monticello to open houses at Rainbow Fleece Farm.
  • There is also a new Education and Learning Guide. This section has information on different businesses offering classes, the local school districts and specific course information for learning opportunities for both youth and adults. A quick glance through the learning guide told me about arts workshops offered by MTG and Primitive Soul, a new class starting at Four Seasons Cosmetology School and an ongoing workshops on Revitalizing Downtowns offered through UW Extension.
There are also community forums for questions and discussion. Ask about anything from going green to parking tickets. Someone from the area is sure to have an answer for you.

Green County Spotlight has so much more too. There are printable coupons from area businesses. If you are a business, you can get a free customizable page and listing in their guide, and putting coupons up is free too. There is a free classified ad section available for anyone in the community. Find out about local weather, maps, census statistics and other local information.

The calendar of events is a true community work in progress. Anyone can add events to it, so feel free get the word out and let everyone know about your events. Read articles about the area, participate in polls, take the quizzes, print out mazes or coloring sheets for the kids, and peruse photos or submit your own.

Green County Spotlight is truly a work in progress for and by the people of the Green County area.

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