Monday, November 23, 2009

Local Money

Have you heard of Monroe Money or Monticello Money?

Both of these area communities have special programs where area residents can purchase certificates to be spent at any one of a number of local businesses. Monroe Money may be purchased at the Monroe Chamber of Commerce and can be spent at any Chamber of Commerce member business.

Monticello has Monticello Money, and the certificates can be spent at any of the Monticello Business and Professional Association members. Monticello Money may be purchased at the Bank of Monticello's Main Street location or at the Village Hall.

Monticello is doing a special Black Friday promotion to encourage people to shop locally this holiday season. Monticello Money will be 10% off on Friday, November 27.

Monticello Money or Monroe Money also make great gifts in and of themselves. Both can spend these at any member businesses. With lists of members that include hair salon, grocery stores, bowling alleys, repair centers, gift shops and much, much more, there will be myriad options for the lucky recipients.

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