Monday, June 1, 2009

Sponsors needed

The folks over at Monroe Theatre Guild are gearing up for their next performances. Odd Couple is set to debut on June 19. Then, in July, MTG has the first run of their new Fairytale Theatre children's theater workshop and performance.

Up to 60 children ages 8-18 may enroll in this combination workshop and performance event. However, Fairytale Theatre is much more than just a play for children. High school students will direct it under the tuttelage of Dave Bristow, learning the art of directing in a hands on fashion. Kids ages 12-18 have the option of enrolling as part of the scenic and technical crew. They will learn directly from MTG powerhouse Suzanne Miller as they help to design, build and paint the set. This crew will also learn all of the backstage jobs - lighting, running the crew, and stage management.

The cost for this workshop and theater exeprience is $50 for member, $60 for non-members, but MTG wants to be sure that money will not stand in the way of any child who truly wants to take part in this experience. MTG is actively looking for sponsors for scholarships at the moment. Please consider sponsoring a scholarship yourself or in conjunction with a couple of friends. Five friends each contributing just $10 would enable a deserving child to participate in Fairytale Theatre this summer.

If you are able to sponsor a scholarship or raise the funds for scholarship, you can send a check to Monroe Theatre Guild, c/o Suzanne, 907 13th Avenue Monroe, WI 53566. Include a note stating that is for a scholarship for Fairytale Theatre. Sponsors will be named in the show program, but you do have the option of remaining anonymous if you prefer.

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