Monday, June 29, 2009

Renewable Energy, the easy way

Going green is a popular thing to do lately. If you are starting to think of renewable energy sources for your home or business, start the easy way. Instead of jumping straight into solar panels or wind turbines, take a look at your electricity provider.

If you get your electricity from Alliant Energy, sign up for their Second Nature program. When you enroll in Second Nature, you are doing your part to encourage the growth of renewable energy sectors. If you use X kilowatt hours a month, Alliant will purchase at least X kilowatt hours from renewable energy sources.

There is a surcharge on your electrical bill for the program. In our family, it amounts to about $15 per month. Alliant does offer the choice of particiapting at different levels too. You can commit to have 100% of your electricity come from green sources, or you can select the 50% or 25% level, whatever fits with your budget. This is not an all or nothing thing. Every little bit helps, so do what works for you.

Take the time to look into the personal renewable energy systems, but until you are able to get those installed, at least you can know that you are doing your part to lower your fossil fuel impact as well as create demand for renewable energy right now.

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