Monday, May 19, 2008

A Sure Sign of Summer

After the winter that we had here in Wisconsin, summer has seemed a long time in coming. It is nearly Memorial Day weekend, yet we do not dare to put away the long sleeved shirts and light coats just yet.

Summer is slowly coming, though, and one sure sign is the opening of the Monroe Farmer's Market. The market opens this Wednesday, May 21. As in other years, the market will run on Wednesday afternoons and on Saturday mornings.

Things are expanding at the market this year. Plans are to enlarge the market to three sides of the Square. There also will be Arts Weekends once a month through the summer where the market will feature both artisan goods and performing arts.

I know that after a long winter, I am out of Noel's wonderful jams, and I look forward to visiting with all the vendors. I ran into the Parrs at the store recently and was reminded of the wonderful sense of community the at Farmer's Market. Fresh lettuce and spinach, some asparagus and rhubarb, honey and jam all topped off with good conversation. What more can one ask for?

If local and organic foods are your thing, please stop on by. The sellers are wonderful people, and most grow their foods without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. They might not be certified organic, but there is something to be said about talking with the grower and knowing exactly how they have cared for their gardens and produce.

We will be there on Wednesday afternoon in search of asparagus and radishes, and I am certain we will visiting the picnic table by the Turner Hall stand on Saturday morning; I hope to see you there too!

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