Friday, May 16, 2008

Play Ball!

Summer means spending time outdoors for many people, and community sporting events are often a popular place to be.

There is still time in Monroe to sign the children up for softball, baseball or tennis. The eight week long little girls softball or little league baseball season is only $16 for residents. Adult slowpitch league sign-up is over, but if you contact Park and Rec, perhaps they have a substitution list for you to sign up on. Call Carol at 329-4666.

Youth tennis lessons run only $20 for residents. They run in two week sessions either in the first half or second half of July for kids ages first grade through twelfth grade. They are a bargain for ten 55 minute lessons. Adults, consider joining the tennis league or one of the tournaments! Leagues run from mid-June through early August and only cost $20 to participate. Youth leagues are also available. Tournaments happen in June, July and August.

Swimming lessons, youth golf lessons, karate, sand volleyball league - there are a lot of choices offered by Monroe's Park and Rec for your family this summer. Consider getting involved as a family and participate in the new Family Kickball and Family Dodgeball league. They take place in August and are for families with children entering first through sixth grades. The cost is only $5 per person or $15 per family for the four week session.

Get outside, get moving and enjoy summer here in Cheese Country!

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