Monday, April 7, 2008

What do you like about it here?

The Green County Tourism board is taking votes for a "Best of Green County" contest. You can vote online here. They cover it all, from favorite festival to best outdoor dining to best local cheese. Vote in one category or all twenty-seven, but go vote. Tell us all about your favorite hidden gems in the area.

Some of my favorites include the following:

Best Burger - The Gridiron in Brodhead, under new management. The burgers are thick and really good.
Best Special Occasion Restaurant - The Dining Room at 209 Main in Monticello. Few would a restaurant of this caliber when driving through this tiny town.
Best Selection of Local Cheese - Roth Käse’s Alp & Dell in Monroe. Stop in and talk with Bruno; he can recommend some fantastic cheeses to take home with you.
Best Coffeehouse - Cafe Claudeen in Monroe. Settle down in the squashy chairs to read the paper and enjoy your latte or frappe. Stay for lunch and try the quiche!
Best Sandwiches - Fox's Feathercreek Bakery in Monroe. I know, the name says it is a bakery. The baked goods are fantastic, but so are their lunchtime sandwiches. I recommend the BLT; Luis likes their Gourmet Grilled Cheese.
Best Scenic Drive - Take a Sunday drive through the hills of York Township. It is truly beautiful in that corner of Green County.
Best Park, Trail or Natural Area - Pick up your state park pass and stop at New Glarus Woods State Park for a day. The hiking trails are not too challenging. It is a peaceful spot to walk away an afternoon. If you are in the mood for more, follow the trail from the park down to New Glarus for a snack or to hook up with the Sugar River Trail and hike some more.
Best Place for Chocolate or Dessert - Chocolate Temptations in Monroe. The awning states Artisan Chocolates, and they speak the truth. The truffles are delectable; caramel is my favorite. Luis is a fan of their tiramisu.

Green County has a lot to offer. Go vote for your favorites!

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