Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hidden Gems

Green County is home to many artisan businesses, and one of the tastiest is on the east side of Monroe's downtown Square. Chocolate Temptation is one of the Hidden Gems of Green County.

The exterior colors of cafe au lait and bittersweet chocolate hint at the delectable treats awaiting inside. Step through the doors, and the gentle aroma of chocolate and coffee envelope you.

The Buol family has been creating gourmet hand-dipped chocolates at Chocolate Temptation in Monroe since 1995. Their truffles are exceptional - a domed shell of chocolate encasing a rich, superb blend of cream and chocolate. They offer a wide variety of flavors, each a with its own unique appearance, miniature works of art. My favorite include the caramel, the hazelnut and the cappuccino with a chocolate covered coffee bean perched on top.

If truffles are not your treat of choice, the case is filled with other confections - Gertles made with pecans, caramel and chocolate; creamy chocolate covered nougats; solid chocolate pieces and more. Children love Chocolate Temptation's shaped chocolate lollies; the stars and frogs are always a hit. Try the creme de menthe covered Oreos or milk chocolate dipped peanut butter cookie.

Desserts and ice cream are also available. The tiramisu is excellent, and their ice cream dishes and sundaes are festive with a sugar wafer cookie on the side.

The other specialty at Chocolate Temptation is their coffees and other drinks. Year round, they offer a changing selection of specialty coffee flavors available by the cup or purchase a pound of beans to take home and brew yourself. There is a full menu of lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas, both iced and hot. In the summer, you will see many cups of their raspberry lemonade walking around the Square in the hands of happy customers.

The sign above the display case reads "I can resist anything but temptation". With the variety and quality of the treats at Chocolate Temptation, who would want to resist?

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