Monday, January 3, 2011

Opening at Frehner Gallery

There is a new exhibit opening at Frehner Gallery in the Monroe Arts Center this week.

Mixed Media Time Four is, as the name implies, a exhibit featuring mixed media works by four artists. The artists each take their experience in painting, drawing, or photography and then add found objects into either the main work as embellishment. The result and then each add elements of found objects either into the main field of work or as an embellishment for framing. The result is mixed media works on great interest.

The artists, Randall Scott Zuber, Russell Gardner, Richard LeDuc, and Jim Salter, are all from the Green County and Dane County area. They work in media of acrylics, oils, photography and ink drawings.

The opening for this exhibit is on Friday evening from 5 pm until 7 pm. There will be an artist's talk at 5:30. Refreshments will be provided, and this event is free as are all Frehner Gallery exhibits.

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