Monday, January 25, 2010

Business Spotlight

Being passionate supporters of both locally owned businesses and the environmental movement, we have been happy patrons of a New Glarus business for a while now. Recently, we have been hearing more and more people talk about this business, which warms our hearts.

Nikki's Diapers in New Glarus is an internet-based company turned brick and mortar store. We have had the pleasure of spending time with Nikki and her husband, and they are lovely people. They started the company from their home a number of years ago. Nikki wanted to fill the gaps for parents who were searching for quality cloth diapering items. Cloth diapering has come a long way from our grandparents' era, but you would never know it to see some of what is offered at the major national retailers. Niche businesses like Nikki's are helping make cloth diapering easier for parents of all budgets.

A few years ago, Nikki opened a retail space in New Glarus where she proudly offered not only cloth diapers and covers, but many other types of products as well. Now under the Planetwise umbrella, Nikki offers breastfeeding support items, babywearing slings and soft sided carrier, adorable soft baby shoes and legwarmers, wooden toys, reusable swim diapers, and much more. The New Glarus store has been one of our favorite places to stop in for a baby gift or supplies for our own children.

We want to congratulate Nikki because she recently opened a second brick and mortar retail location. There is now a Nikki's Diapers store in Madison as well, in Sauk Point Square on the corner of Old Sauk Rd and High Point for those of you familiar with the area. It is exciting to see a local business grow so well!

For those of you unfamiliar with Nikki's current New Glarus location, it is at 405 2nd St, just down the road from Tofflers and almost across the street from the park with the swimming pool. Hours there are limited to weekdays until 3:30, though the Madison store does have expanded hours. Otherwise, take advantage of her free shipping options and shop from home.

For those of you curious about cloth diapering, it really is easy. The environmental impact does make a big difference, in spite of what the studies commissioned by the disposable diaper companies claim. Go green and support a local business at the same time!

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