Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Argyle Integrated Environmental Studies Plant Sale

Argyle has a cutting edge program in their schools nowadays, the Argyle Integrated Environmental Studies program. As a fundraiser, the students are currently doing their annual Native Plant Sale.

The students have harvested over fifty varieties of native seeds this fall during their fieldwork. They will be planting these seeds and raising the seedlings in their greenhouse over winter. You can purchase single species trays, custom trays and collection trays. Each tray has 32 healthy plants in 2 inch pots and will cover 50 to 100 square feet of garden space.

See Species Available

There is an order form link from the species page or contact Les Bieneman to order. Ready-made collections will cover many options: Tall Grass Prairie, Woodland Edge, Rain Garden, Butterfly Garden, and Rock Garden.

Native plants require significantly less care than non-native species, and they attractive native species of birds, butterflies and animals.

The Annual ALEA Native Plant Sale provides funds to support Integrated Environmental Studies throughout Argyle School (4K-12th grade) with field trips, new scientific equipment, supplies for the greenhouse and educational curriculum.

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