Monday, July 27, 2009

A call for help

The construction on Monroe's Downtown Square is in full swing. Yes, it is more difficult to get where you want to go in the Downtown area these days.

It is even more important than ever to take the little bit of extra time necessary to get to the Downtown businesses right now. The local, independent cafes, stores, salons, restaurants, offices, and pubs need our business to stay alive. Pretty much every business is still operating under standard business hours even if the sidewalk is missing and the street is torn up. Many have alternate entrances through the alleys to the rear of the buildings during the times that the fronts are inaccessible. If you are unsure of the best way to get into a business, call ahead and ask.

Some businesses will even offer curbside service right now. Call ahead with what you need. They will give you a total and meet you at your car when you arrive. Schultz Pharmacy has long done this for people who need it, and many other businesses are happy to offer the same service.

Keep our Downtown vibrant. The construction will be over in just a few months, and the Downtown will be even better. Let us all do our part to keep our favorite businesses here to enjoy it.

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