Friday, May 15, 2009

Local Paradise

Green County sits on the Wisconsin-Illinois border, so there are sites in Illinois that we consider our area attractions. One of these sits about 15 minutes south of Monroe in the small community of Winslow, Illinois.

Drive down Hwy 73 heading south and you will see this unassuming sign on the side of the road:

The gravel drive looks like it goes into an old commercial building, but turn in and drive anyways. As you drive back there, things open up and you will see a lovely green space with a waterfall, small pool, and small creek meandering through.

Be sure to park the car and wander around. There is a quaint covered pedestrian bridge overlooking Indian creek, the perfect spot to snap some photos of the water tumbling over the rocks below.

There is a man-made waterfall next to a small pool of water a little further back in the park. The bench positioned here is a great place to sit and relax for a while as you reflect on life.

Enjoy a picnic lunch in the gazebo area, another great spot for photo ops as it nestles there into the rocks and greenery.

There are walking trails in Paradise Cove as well, so hike on back through the woods to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Be sure to bring some containers to hold water if you go to Paradise Cove. The site is famous for the artesian well where thousands of gallons of water have bubbled out of the earth every day since 1927. The city uses this as their water source, and the public is welcome to come fill their person water containers from the spigot next to the pump house.

The water is sweet and clear, flowing cold from the earth. There is also a decorative water wheel turned by the water as it flows, which kids always enjoy looking at from the overlook platform.

Geocachers, be sure to bring the GPS. There are a geocache and an earthcache hidden within Paradise Cove.

Paradise Cove is a fun and different way to spend part of a day in our area.

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