Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Future Forward!

Have you heard of Future Forward!? Do you want to know more?

Future Forward! is a group dedicated to improving the quality of life in Green County to help attract and retain young professionals to our area.

If you are curious about their mission or would like to help in any way, consider coming to the next meeting. Future Forward! will be meeting on Thursday, January 8 from 5:30 until 7:30 pm at Minhas Brewery. There will be a social time from 5 until 5:30 that will include a sampling of Minhas products and a light supper.

The meeting will include a workshop to list Green County's many assets for young professionals. They will also be brainstorming the gaps, things the area lacks that could help us better attract and retain local talent. First hand prospective is really appreciated, so any young professionals in the area are welcome to come and help with the thought process.

Do you have ideas of projects, programs, learning opportunities, business ideas or social events that could help improve the quality of life in the Green County area? Please consider attending.

I will be there, and I hope that you can attend too!

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