Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GRI, CRS, SRES - say what?

Some Realtors have the alphabet trailing their names on their business cards. Abbreviations, abbreviations, abbreviations. What do they all mean?

All Realtors are required to complete continuing education on a regular basis in order to stay current on changes in real estate law. Some take things one step further and pursue additional education in order to offer better service for their clients. Those letters represent the additional education. They are called designations, and the Realtors who earn them proudly display them to the world.

The National Association of Realtors offers a variety of different designations. They may focus on certain type of real estate, helping specific segments of the population and more.

ABR stands for Accredited Buyer Representative. It is someone who is specifically trained in working as a buyer's agent during the sale process.

Graduate Realtor Institute or GRI indicates that a realtor has gone beyond the basics. They have taken an additional 90+ hours of education in professional standards, marketing, contract law and more.

CRS is a Certified Residential Specialist. These Realtors have taking extensive additional training in the sale of residential property specifically.

You might see SRES more often in the coming decade. A Senior Real Estate Specialist has extra knowledge in assisting senior property owners in their life transitions.

GREEN is another designation that will probably become more common. New this year, GREEN Realtors have training in environmental issues in real estate and the marketing of eco-housing. It is similar to the Eco-Broker training that I have taken, but the new kid on the block so to speak.

CCIM stands for Certified Commerical Investment Manager. Commercial real estate is a different ball game from residential, and some Realtors who focus on commercial sales opt to reach the pinnacle of the field with the help of CCIM training.

e-PRO is one that you see on our website. e-PROS have studied how to best use modern technology to market property and help buyers. Luis is a certified e-PRO.

ALC stands for Accredited Land Consultant. An ALC focuses on farm and ranch sales plus all types of land sales: undeveloped large tracts, transitional land, sub-developments, wholesale lots etc.

A Realtor who has not earned any designations is still competent in the practice of real estate sales, but sometimes, as in all professions, some decide to take the further step into higher education. That alphabet is our way to letting the world know.

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