Friday, March 28, 2008

Everything old is new again

I was recently reading an article on current housing trends, things that are now considered hot and things that are considered not. I found some of the items quite interesting. Everything old is really is new again.

~ Free-standing soaker tubs for the bathroom are supplanting the whirlpool tub as today's it bathroom accessory. Think of all the old westerns with the cowboy soaking in the clawfoot tub with the raised back, that is a soaker tub. They are back!

~ McMansions are out, homes with reduced carbon footprints are in. This may vary with market, but people are starting to see the absurdity of a 6000 square foot home for a family of four or for empty nesters.

~ Out door living space is in again. The old fashioned generous porches for entertaining and outdoor stone hearths for cooking. There are modern twists of course, but really, grandma and grandpa knew what they were doing sitting out on the porch on a summer evening, and great-grandma's summer kitchen is the forerunner of today's outdoor cook spaces.

~ The top color trend was natural, unstained and undyed materials. Things that people used to do for frugality is now chic.

I find it intruiging how cyclical trends are. There were other, modern trends, like fully hidden appliances and pet showers, but many of the concepts were so familiar.

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